Hi everyone,

First of all i'm italian so forgive me for my english.

So i've recently bought a new laptop, an Asus Vivobook Pro. Intel i7 7700HQ,16gb Ram DDR4, 512gbSSD+ 1Tb Hdd and a Nvidia GTX 1050.

I bought it for music production. I use a Focusrite Suffire 6 Usb.

Since the beginning i had problem with my audio interface. When i recorded it crashed after 10 seconds, and even if i played an audio file.

After contacting the assistence the suggested me to do a latency test, and i found out that there was an high latency. So i thought that was my audio intefece's fault, but also running the test with the sound card disconnected there still was an high latency. I tried to disconnect the wifi, and found out that there was less latency,but still to much. I read on latency mon's result that one of the driver that has more latency is HDAudbus.sys and the other one in wdf0100.sys. Whene i run the test with the wifi on the driver with the highest latency was the ndis.sys which i suppose is related to the wifi.Indeed when i turn off the wifi the sound interface doesn't crush and there are no crackels or anything. I updated the drivers of the intel dual band wirless, but still there is the problem. I'd use the Focusrite without Wifi, but still there is the problem that there is an high latenecy even if i don't connect both the sound card and the wifi. So i'd like to solve the problem.( i've already tried to change the power saving setting,and set them to High Performance)

I've followed the guide and following you can find the results of the tests that i did.

Here is the dropbox link for the zip file containing trace.etl, msinfo32.nfo and DxDiag.txt : Dropbox - Results.zip

Here's the link of the speccy test: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/Y...nVw6OOzpTd4ocJ

I hope that someone can help me, let me know if you need further information.