I have an ASUS Q302L - came with 8.1, so I had updated to 10. Whelp, little did I know that doing this would cause the issues it does when it comes to drivers. ASUS no longer provides up to date updates. What's the point if Windows Update does what it wants?

Story goes, high CPU usage lead me to the Event Viewer & I found I was getting warnings/errors on the EV regarding the DTFP & the participant. Checked reviews on driver updaters & ended up with Snappy Driver. I updated non Intel type things & that seemed to go fine, although maybe it was what triggered what was to follow? Anywho, I decided to update one driver at a time starting with the DTFP. Whelp, it got hung up on the sys restore point & when I put hung up, I mean I let it go all night because when I went to abort, I was asked if I was sure I wanted to interrupt installation, which I am aware is not the best thing to do. I let it go all night & in the a.m., there had been no progress. I aborted & now there is no driver associated with it. Again, was it actually this step or one of the previous updates, I dunno. What I do know is D: is not showing itself in File Explorer, nor will FE recognize a flash card or stick, although the wireless mouse was still functioning last I knew, just to add to my confusion.

Things I tried that got hung up or resulted in error -

-Updating driver through DM. when I went directly to the DTFP, there was no driver tab under properties. For some reason when I went to device manager/system/DTFP/properties, it did have a driver tab. It was showing it was not functioning properly, so I attempted to update. It spun & spun & then stated it was installing & then gave an error - something like timing out due to PnP, etc., try rebooting to complete install, so first I also attempted to update the participant & even though this has retained its driver, it gave me the same warning.
-Downloading the driver from intel - could not complete install warning
-chkdsk/f - locked
-windows troubleshoot - spun or non-stop green line
-windows restore point - spun or non-stop green line
-executing the setup file from sys32 - no response
-using the snappy restore file - I have never had to use a third party restore (as opposed to windows restore or using a windows restore disc) & had a heck of a time finding it & then I have no idea how one is supposed to know what to use unless, once again, I was running into the issue of my computer not allowing it to execute.
so there might have been a thing or two more -

So, as it stands now - I did attempt to restart. Computer is going nowhere beyond the "ASUS in search of incredible" screen - little spinner spinning away - no hard drive light activity

It has been a long time since I had to do anything beyond what I listed above, so in order to save us the back & forths, if you think you can help of course, is if it's easy enough, remind me how to do something. For instance my just booting into safe mode. I mean the computers used to run through, albeit very quickly, the options for safe mode, etc. Now "they" opt to omit that info....