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    Exclamation Windows 10 suddenly slowed down my Laptop...

    Before (which is just a day ago), everything was fine. I could play my favourite video games with no problems whatsoever, but after that i couldn't anymore.

    The only notable thing that i did at the time was that i brought my laptop to a friends house and forgot the charger (so it almost died on me back there). i didn't drop it nor did it hit any wall. But ever since that, my games would only run with a few FPS. I've tried some solutions on the internet but i still can't get it fixed, I've tried both cold and warm reboot, checked the settings on the battery and all, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

    Any help is appreciated :3

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    Re: Windows 10 suddenly slowed down my Laptop...

    Hi MJDragoon,

    Are you seeing the issue just in the game, or a general slowdown of the system? If it's with the overall system, are you seeing sudden spikes in slowdown (e.g. stuttering every 3 mins or so, mouse being slow) or a more continuous slowdown?

    Anything else on the system change recently? e.g. new drivers installed, Windows Update patch?

    Run chkdsk /f /r from a CMD prompt.

    Post the results from Event Viewer in your next post.

    Go into Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc); select "Application Log" under "Windows Logs"; on the right-side, click on "Find"; type chksdk into FIND box; in the middle below the error listings, you should see the general info error about chkdsk; COPY the entire error info area; post it into your next post.

    Let's also try running SeaTools to check the hard drive health:
    Hard Drive Diagnostics & SSD Test
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