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    win10x64 system interrupts kills pc

    1) i tried to reset it (reinstall windows),
    2) installed new network adapter and disabled existing one (normally i have internal intel network adapter),
    3) tried lots of other options.
    nothing helped. computer starts normally, but it going slower and slower shortly. just in few hours 'interrupts' significantly overloads my pc if i have any network activity (even load empty webpage like google.com).
    latency monitor shows the problem is in ndis.sys.
    actually, my problems started after march 2017 CU. before - all was completely fine. april CU helped a little, but May CU killed me again.

    pls help

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    Re: win10x64 system interrupts kills pc

    A bad USB device (mouse or keyboard) can cause what's called an "interrupt storm." Have you tried a new mouse and keyboard?

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