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    black screen with the cursor after upgrading to windows 10

    I upgraded just a few days go to windows 10 from windows 8.1 on HP Mini laptop. Everything went well except sometimes when I start the computer I get a black screen and I can see the cursor, I wait but nothing appears later, so I have to press the power button to force a shutdown then start the computer to work well.
    what shall I do please?
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: black screen with the cursor after upgrading to windows 10

    Hi again NourinE

    It's not too unusual for Windows 10 to startup slowly if a lot of updates are being installed. Sometimes the blank screen is due to the files getting sent to where they need to go. Since you've just upgraded, you are likely to have quite a few updates available -- these will make your system startup quite a bit slower. But this should resolve over a few days, and then things should start up faster.

    If the normal login screen doesn't display, even after waiting for up to 30 minutes, you can try a Startup Repair. Here's how:

    Windows 10 Startup Repair

    1) Click on the Windows Start Menu icon
    2) Select Settings
    3) Select Update & Security
    4) Select Recovery
    5) Select Advanced Startup
    6) Select Restart Now
    7) .... you'll see a "Please wait ..." screen for a moment ....
    8) From the Choose an Option screen, select Troubleshoot
    9) Select Advanced Options
    10) Select Startup Repair

    Should that not help, try looking in on your Event Viewer error logs.
    1) Right-click the Windows 10 Start Menu icon
    2) Select Event Viewer
    3) In the left-hand pane, select Event Viewer (Local)
    4) For more room to view the errors, click on the up-facing arrows in the title bars for "Recently Viewed Nodes" & "Log Summary" (this will collapse their view ... it's a toggle switch)
    5) Look through the errors in the "Summary of Administrative Events" window - and see if any correspond with the same time that your system fails to display the desktop at startup.

    Let us know if this doesn't help, or if you have questions.

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    Re: black screen with the cursor after upgrading to windows 10

    I see you're right, after several restarts I noticed that the issue is gone.
    thanks a lot for your reply

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    Re: black screen with the cursor after upgrading to windows 10

    Glad your system is doing well now.

    Note: next week Microsoft will be sending out its Windows Anniversary Update. It's going to be a fairly large update, so I imagine that we will all see some fairly slow boot times just after it arrives on our computers. The last major update several months ago took a good twenty minutes or more to install, and slowed the next few restarts down noticeably. A few features will be added, and some old features spruced up a bit. Should be interesting!

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    Re: black screen with the cursor after upgrading to windows 10

    Thanks for that information for the OP, OldGrayGary. I was about to share my experience with that same issue and it just took a lot of restarts after my upgrade before things starting working properly. I had the exact same indication too....dark screen and seemingly no activity. Frustrating, to be sure.

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