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    Windows 10: USB Bluetooth - Keyboard and Mouse not able to Wake from Sleep


    I'm looking for some guidance or help to resolve a problem of not being able to wake my Windows 10 desktop using my Bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard. Although the Logitech Bluetooth and Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse show the the correct 'power management' settings in device manager 'allow this device to wake computer' is set they are unable to wake the computer from sleep. The only way to wake the computer from sleep is by means of a short press of the power button. The keyboard and mouse are connected to the computer using an Inateck Bluetooth USB dongle that uses the Broadcom BCM20702 chipset [I understand this should be capable of supporting sleep/wake.] When I check the Bluetooth USB in device manager then on the 'power management' tab the 'allow this device to wake computer' checkbox is greyed out and not available for selection. I've searched and checked for (and followed) guidance elsewhere on overcoming this problem but with no success. The suggestions have included..

    1. making Registry changes to set options for DeviceRemoteWakeSupported and RemoteWakeEnabled
    2. Checking use of latest Broadcom drivers
    3. Checking 'Power Options' profile settings
    4. Checking use of latest BIOS and settings
    5. Putting the USB dongle in different USB ports (direct on motherboard and front panel)

    The system is a custom built desktop using a Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H with an Intel I7 processor running 64bit Windows 10.

    Overall, this is a minor (annoying) problem but I would like to find a fix if possible.

    Many thanks in anticipation of your suggestions.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Windows 10: USB Bluetooth - Keyboard and Mouse not able to Wake from Sleep

    Hi martini ... and welcome to the forums ...

    It's interesting that the Inateck Bluetooth dongles don't list Windows 10 sleep/wake compatibility, and don't list Windows 10 compatibility in general either (at least those I've seen so far, from various vendors). Since several vendors have similar Bluetooth dongles that do list Windows 10 sleep/wake compatibility .... that seems like there might be a solution. I've seen a few Bluetooth 4 dongles using that same Broadcom chipset as yours - but from different manufacturers - and they mention that their Windows 10 compatibility comes from the "built-in drivers" in Windows 10.

    So, if you are currently using Inateck drivers, try uninstalling them, and seeing if the generic Windows 10 Bluetooth support is good enough to get sleep/wake going again.

    Should that not work .... and if you're tired of fighting the driver battle, there's a $12 dongle on Amazon listed as Windows 10 sleep/wake compatible (using the same chipset!).
    Amazon.com: Bluetooth Adapter, (Broadcom BCM20702 chipset) UtechSmart USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Raspberry Pi, Linux Compatible; Classic Bluetooth, and Stereo Headset Compatible): Computers & Accessories

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    Re: Windows 10: USB Bluetooth - Keyboard and Mouse not able to Wake from Sleep

    Hmmm ... still just having a look at this (haven't had to check on it before) .... and I found the following article suggesting that waking with Bluetooth devices via USB dongles is "not ready for prime time" ---
    Wake from sleep. Plugable bluetooth adaptor

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    Re: Windows 10: USB Bluetooth - Keyboard and Mouse not able to Wake from Sleep

    Did it used to work and suddenly stop? Or has it never worked?
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    Re: Windows 10: USB Bluetooth - Keyboard and Mouse not able to Wake from Sleep

    Many thanks for the suggestions and ideas. I will try reverting to the MS Built in Drivers. I did try this before but without success. Re: 'Digerati's' question. I did manage to get it working before but I think it was with Windows 8.1. (It's so long ago I can't remember!) It is one of those annoying small problems that every now and then I try and fix but at other times I just live with.

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    Re: Windows 10: USB Bluetooth - Keyboard and Mouse not able to Wake from Sleep

    The Windows 10 Anniversary update will be rolling out next week ... it will update quite a few files. Might be interesting to see if it affects your sleep/wake situation.

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