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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    in the setupact.log file the .dll loaded right before the errors start is psapi.dll when I tried to run sfc /scanfile=c:\windows\system32\psapi.dll on the file, I got a 'Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.' error. I haven't tried the same command yet on my computer, but I suspect this is a abnormal response. I will try to find out more information on this .dll, be fore I try and do anything to it.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    found this info on the .dll in question. very informative, but not very helpful. I have used a number of utilities from on my PC in the past so I think the info is very reliable. the info is for win8, but I think the file hasn't changed much in windows 10

    Windows 8 DLL File Information - psapi.dll

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I keep seeing this error is the dism logs along with a similairly phrased error in the setupact.log

    DISM OS Provider: PID=10724 TID=11252 Failed trying to determine the OS Version. HRESULT=0x800700c1 - CDISMOSServiceManager::get_OSVersion

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I found a similar post on this forum here: DISM is throwing Error 193 on execution

    but in my case SFC was able to replace opencl.dll. but I am now wondering if the proper platform was used when the file got replaced. I will try replacing the opencl.dll on my mom's pc with a copy from my pc.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I tried using the command for servicing an offline image found here: Repair a Windows Image. but even when windows is not running, booting from a windows 10 setup repair mode command prompt, I still get error 193 from dism. I am convinced that the issue has something to do with permissions at this point. but I don't like messing with them since I might make the issue worse. at the beginning of this whole affair, when I ran chkdsk, it said a whole bunch of files had incorrect security attributes. it removed them and repaired the files. I suspect this is when the cause of the error 193 first appeared.

    just for reference at the windows setup repair command prompt I tried using these commands:

    dism /image:c: /cleanup-image /restorehealth /source:d:\source

    variations of what the commands are dism ....... /source:wim:c:temp2\install.wim | /source:esd:d:\source\install.esd | /source:d:\source\install.esd | /source:wim:c:temp2\install.wim:1 | /source:d:\source\install.esd:1

    some didn't work at all, where others ended in error 193.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I just took a look at the logs from when I ran repair tool, and where the windows directory was concerned, all the repairs failed, almost always with a access denied error.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    If Windows 10 has an Achilles heel (or heels), permissions problems of all sorts are the likeliest cause(s). I'm hoping the situation will improve as Windows 10 matures, but I've seen permissions issues even on clean installs (usually inconsequential to the main operation of the PC, but still... these were clean installs).

    At this point, I'm having a hard time finding other examples of some of the errors you are seeing. The CONX 0x800700c1 seems fairly uncommon - connecting that to DISM trouble has been hard to find information for. Since you've been through so much time & effort to solve things in-place, it might be time for a clean install (however imperfect and time-consuming - it might have the best odds of getting a well-performing Windows 10 going).

    [Remember how easy, and how little time was involved, it was for the old Windows 98 reinstalls? ... times have changed, that's for sure]

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    yes, win 98 repair installs were soo simple. I have tried to do a repair install, but it always fails with Something happened box that says windows 10 installation failied. this is occurring after I have gone through all of the selections and am waiting for it to go through it processes. since diagnosing what is wrong with windows, maybe you could help me diagnose why windows setup is not working? I did have the thought, that since windows update is working maybe switching her computer over to the fast track and try an reinstall windows that way. but from what I have heard once you go fast, to go back to slow requires a full reinstall of windows.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    just had a thought. I have a spare drive in a external caddy that I put a copy of win10 on (I'm eligble for two licenses of win 10 pro uprade). I already got windows setup on the drive, do you think the copy would throw much of a fit if I tried plugging it in to my moms PC? I was just thinking I ,ight try and running dism from that copy (while that copy of windows is running) and try and repairing the laptop drives windows image from there. I know windows used to throw a fit if it suddenly detected it was running under a different hardware, and since windows 10 is tied to hardware now, I can only imagine it would be worse, but I though I would ask

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    "Monday, Monday ..."

    (an old Mamas & Papas song....)

    Is your mom's computer in the "Insider" program? You mention putting her on the fast ring (which is doing Redstone builds at the moment ... not particularly mature just yet, but that's what beta-testing is for). I can imagine that a permissions issue could be the cause, as we've surmised at a few twists & turns already. If the file can't be accessed, I can see that it might lead to an unhelpful (misleading) "not a valid Win32 application" error.

    If your mom isn't in the Insider program, using the Win10 on your spare drive as a source for the DISM process might work, if the version difference doesn't interfere. We found out in our research earlier that DISM "cannot be used with Windows images that are more recent than the installed version of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit" -- that quote assumes that the DISM is being used for roll-out deployment - rather than repair -- but I'd guess that it might matter for the DISM.exe executable to be a version-match to the Windows image being repaired (the DISM.exe version used would be either the same, or newer, than the Windows image being repaired).

    I looked a bit (again) at the file you mentioned earlier (psapi.dll), and since it looks to be a fairly simple library for device & driver information ... I'm thinking it's an innocent bystander, that happens to be accessed just before the problematic, inaccessible files that throw up the 193 error. The psapi.dll ("Process Status API") has a whole section of information for developers over on the Windows Development Center - if you want to have a look at that --

    Trying the DISM from the spare drive might not work, but it shouldn't hurt, either.

    Should that not work, it might be faster to go with a clean install for your mom's laptop. Unless she's interested in the adventures and misadventures of beta-testing, I'd guess she'd rather not be in the "Insider" program . . .

    I'll stay tuned ....

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I think your right about the psapi.dll most of my ideas thus far have been shots in the dark. I would have to update the win 10 on the spare drive to the latest but It's already running the November update. I my thinking was booting from the external drive, (it's in an e-sata enclosure) and trying to service the image on my mom's laptop as an offline image.

    the dreaded clean install, is not really an option, as she has lots of stuff that she has on the drive , including (according to her) software that is no longer available. combined with the fact that when the laptop was brand new, and running win 7, we, 1st upgraded it from win 7 home to win7 ultimate using the windows 7 anytime upgrade, and also ported a lot of stuff over from her old laptop which was running xp using easy transfer (which seems to be missing from windows 10). I don't know this for sure, but I imagine the servers or whatever was used for the win7 anytime upgrade are no longer operational.

    we do have recent a recent back up image of her drive using rebit 6, but unfortunately a clean install would invalidate rebit's activation and since rebit is no longer sold, I would have no way of getting to the backed up files. unfortunately, for some reason, the backups only go back as far as the 18th, which is inside the problem window. I would need a back up that was dated oct or nov of '15.

    I think I will update my external and give it a whirl

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that things work on your latest try. Three of four layers of upgrades does sound like a lot of "backwards compatibility" and "reinstall" issues to have to tackle. Good luck!

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    i plugged in my drive and found out I had reformatted the drive and installed a clean copy of windows 8. so I'm now doing the various updates inorder to get the copy to 8.1 in order to upgrade to windows 10.

    In the mean time I downloaded a copy of windows 10 10586.0 (supposedly) ISO from the windows techbench site, and it included a copy of install.wim (yay!), but when I ran the setup on the disc I made, it asks for a CD key. I tried entering both the keys that two different key finder programs gave me as the windows 10 key was using, but the windows keys were rejected. the laptop originally came with windows 7 home, but was upgraded to windows 7 ultimate using the upgrade anytime (I think that was what it was called) feature. Is using the key that was given with the upgrade anytime allowed to be used with the windows 10 setup? I obviously cant use the key that came with the computer, as that would cause a downgrade of windows 10 versions which is impossible.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    The Windows 7 Ultimate product key from your upgrade should allow a Windows Pro version installation. You can run it as a clean install, by providing the Win7 Ultimate key during the installation. No worries there.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    a clean install in this case would be the absolute last resort. I think I may have to remake the windows 10586.0 setup image I made, as when I typed in the product key that was given as the Microsoft anytime upgrade windows 7 home premium to windows 7 ultimate, I got a strange error saying the product key did not match up with any of the images in the image (that is roughly what it said). further investigation revealed the boot.wim and install.wim, may be corrupt. I was unable to open either file using 7-zip. usually I am able to view the contents of a .wim using this program. I used the windows 7 USB/DVD tool to burn the .iso onto a SD card (I wasn't planning on booting from it anyway). have there been any reports of issues burning win10 .iso's using the windows 7 USB/DVD tool?

    the tool I just referred to is the M$ store Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. despite it's name, it doesn't actually download anything.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I prefer to load the Windows images onto DVDs. If you have an .iso from techbench, using a working Windows 10 computer you can simply right-click the file and choose "burn disc image" ... the nice part is that it offers to verify the image after it the burning is complete. I like the read-only aspect of the DVD images, too --- no room for funny business if malware is present on the target system.

    I've created both types (USB and DVD), and I haven't had issues using the images with either type. I haven't, however, used the Store app to create an image. I'm not sure if that app fusses with licensing in such a way that the image can only be used on the computer that created it. In their FAQs section for the Win7 app:
    Question: Can I use my newly created USB drive to install Windows on someone else's computer?
    Answer: No. The Windows ISO file on the USB drive is only intended to be used to install Windows on the licensed userís own computer.
    ... since you've been mixing files from both computers for a bit, I'm thinking that using a DVD created not using the Win7 app would be more likely to succeed.

    I'd meant to suggest a repair install using the techbench .iso earlier ... but I went and typed "clean" install (some people sleepwalk, I sleeptype....)

    So far, I haven't seen much feedback on the Win7 app - pro or con. I wonder if it largely got ignored.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I wonder if that statement is just there to say you shouldn't use it on someone else's PC, or if it means you can't use it on someone else's PC.

    regardless, it looks like I accidently downloaded the wrong win10 image to use on my mom's PC. I discovered this after recreating the install files on my PC and trying it out on my PC. when neither my win10 key nor my win7 ultimate key worked, I went online and searched for other win10 keys (for testing only) when one of them worked, I realized I had downloaded the wrong .iso file. so Iwent back to the techbench site and told my computer to re download the proper .iso and then went to bed for the night. now that the proper .iso is present, I will test it out first on my PC to make sure my key gets accepted, and then I will try again on my mom's PC. here hoping the error that was keeping the setup from working on my moms pc using the media creation tool files is not present on the .iso based files.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    I seem to remember being able to do a repair install on win98SE from the boot setup. I wonder why M$, in all their infinite wisdom, decided to take that away from us.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    DISM /online error 193-2016-03-04-jpg

    got this error yet again when I ran win10 setup on my moms PC. It is doesn't say what went wrong.

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    Re: DISM /online error 193

    The Windows Update forum here at SysNative has a fair number of threads with that error ... the cause can vary a bit. But if you want to try a quick-fix method, where you enter a few things in a particular order, see if the ASKVG folks' idea works for your mom's system:
    [Fix] “Something Happened” Error Message in Windows 1 Upgrade - AskVG

    If things don't improve soon. ... you might want to research if the older program on your mom's computer will install OK in "Compatibility Mode". If so, you might be able to opt-out of your current cycle of snags with a clean install. But might as well try the "Something Happened" workaround fix first.

    I'll stay tuned.

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