Ever since I upgraded my system to Windows 10, Iím having audio stutters every 30 minutes. DPC Latency Checker and LatencyMon showed spikes of 200+ milliseconds when the problem occurs. What happens is that for about one second, the audio glitches / repeats, similar to blue screen sound. I think that video and mouse halt too when it happens, but the spikes usually in idle / without me using programs that have much screen motion so Iím not sure.

When I had Windows 8.1, this never happened so I am sure that itís not due to hardware defects, but driver issues or software / network problems.

What I have tried so far:
1. Updating Realtek integrated audio drivers and trying four different Asus Xonar drivers
2. Disabling Realtek integrated audio, only using Xonar DG PCI audio card, both in Windows devmgmt and BIOS
3. Due to Windows 10 allegedly sending keylogging dumps to Microsoft every 30 minutes, I thought that this might be the cause and added Microsoft telemetry addresses to the hosts file in /system32/drivers/etc/. Didnít help anything, so I removed them again.
4. Installing / updating my USB interface cards (one NEC chip PCI USB2 card and one Western Digital PCIe USB3 card), didnít help anything.
5. Installing Windows Performance Recorder & Analyzer and writing three trace files of 1+ hour each (so that the spikes occur at least twice). However, the tutorial I read was for Windows 7 and xperf, and I was not able to find the corresponding views in WPA.
Anyway, here is my latest .etl file (compressed to 7z) if it helps: DAVID-Z77.09-28-2015.15-55-40.etl
6. Updating my BIOS (ASRock Z77 Pro4) to newest version (from P1.60 to P1.80).
7. Trying to update network drivers (none available according to Windows devmgmt service).

The culprits seem to be tcpip.sys, ndis.sys and usbxhci.sys. Does anyone have an idea how this problem can be solved?