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Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions

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Mar 2, 2012
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Welcome to Sysnative's Windows Update forum.

Here you may seek help and support for Windows Update errors, System File Checker (SFC) corruptions, Side by Side Configuration errors, System Service errors, and related errors, corruptions, and problems.

These instructions apply to all of the above problems. If, however, you are, for whatever reason, not able to complete part of these instructions, please just create a new thread with a description of your problem and we will help you from there.


Please do not follow the instructions or fixes provided to other users as you may cause harm to your computer.

Each fix is customized specifically for each person.

Help in this forum shall be provided only by Windows Update Analysts who are part of or have graduated from the Sysnative Windows Update Academy.

Step #1 - Register on the forum
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Step #2 - Run SFC Scan
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Step #3 – SURT/DISM Scan
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Step #4 - Run SFCFix
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Step #5 – Export/Upload CBS folder
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Step #6 - Create Topic
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What to do if your CBS logfiles are too large to upload
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