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High latency issues


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Nov 30, 2018
Hello everybody,

I`m having issues with high latency. I have already created an etl file following a guide in of your forum threads. I have used Winodws Development Kit/Performance Tool and elevated CMD, saved and compressed the file with Winrar. I managed to catch some of the issues while doing this. For example I sometimes have issues with video freezing and I think it just may be related to some drivers. So I came here to ask for opinions. During the recording of the issue it didnt freeze, but it did stutter for some time. It basically happens when I have a video or movie open in one tab of my browser (I`m using Opera) and I switch between tabs.

So I hope this is helpful. This is the link to my compressed etl file: CPU.rar - Google Drive
I will also attach the file if that is easier.

In case this is not useful enough, I will continue to try catching the issue happening again.
Also, this is my first time making a post of this kind, so tell me in case I did something wrong.