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[SOLVED] Choose the best cabinet.


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Jun 23, 2015
I still want to add liquid refrigeration. Which one do you recommend? Thank you very much. Greetings.


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Aug 28, 2012
Nebraska, USA
I still want to add liquid refrigeration.
No you don't. Understand there is a HUGE difference between liquid cooling and "refrigeration". Don't confuse the terminology. Refrigeration involves compressing a refrigerant (like Freon), then expanding it through condenser coils - as done by your refrigerator, or the AC in your car or home. Refrigeration results in temperatures cooler than the ambient (room) temperatures. This is a very expensive and noisy setup.

Water cooling just pushes water through a radiator cooled by a fan. Water cooling does not cool below the ambient temperature.

I agree that is way above your needs. In fact, most users do not need water cooling. They just want it for bragging rights. And that's fine, but not really practical. And sadly, other concerns come into play with such alternative cooling. Too often, the cooling needs of the other heat sensitive components surrounding the CPU socket get ignored. Water cooling solutions require much more attention to ensure hoses do not develop leaks. And sadly, I have found many who implement water cooling are very good at routine visual inspections at first. But as the months and even years pass with no problems, those inspections become fewer and farther between - just when the components are aging and inspections need to increase.

Therefore, I don't recommend any water cooling and instead recommend a good case with good case fans to produce a good flow of cool air through the case - even with mild to moderate overclocking. If you plan on getting into extreme overclocking, you may better be served by visiting a site dedicated to overclocking.