Add "Copy Path" to Right-Click Context Menu
This REG file update will add "Copy as Path" to your RIGHT-click context menu.

I often need the path &/or filename for use in a CMD line command and usually end up typing it out or doing a few CDs to get to the path.

With this Registry addition, you can now simply RIGHT-click on a file in Windows Explorer and use the new option on your context menu to copy the path + filename to the clipboard, then paste it wherever it is needed.

So, if I wanted the full path + filename for _97-dbug.txt, I would RIGHT-click on it, select "Copy as Path" -


... and end up with "C:\Users\PalmDesert\jcgriff2\dbug\Kernel\_97-dbug.txt" in my clipboard.

Two REG files are included in the zip file - one that adds the "Copy as Path" to the context menu; the other removes it.

This REGedit works for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Please note that in Vista and Windows 7 the icon does not display on the context menu, but the "Copy Path" still works.