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    The power of soul.

    First of all apologies for my bad English.

    Because i have "old" and good friends here and i know that many of you (ladies and gents) you have a philosophical mind and a good heart i take the courage to post this video.

    This video can make you sad but also stronger. The video duration is 8:26 just give it time and you will understand what i mean.

    By the way i like the way you add a video here,nice and easy. Bravo!

    JaidynM, zigzag3143, JMH and 2 others say thanks for this.

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    Re: The power of soul.

    I remember watching this on TV last year. Although it's sad, it makes you feel good that he can get up there and do what he loves no matter what.

    "No bird soars to high, if he soars with his own wings." - William Blake

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    Re: The power of soul.

    Thank you panais for sharing this with us.
    It shows there is hope & love....... even in situations that appear hopeless.

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    Re: The power of soul.

    Hope is a rare commodity sometimes. Thanks.

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