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    Vulnerability Scanner

    I have a website for my business and I was advised by a colleague to get added security. Any tips on how to choose the right vulnerability scanner for my website? I have an online store for apparels and accessories.

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    Re: Vulnerability Scanner

    The best way to find out which web vulnerability scanner suites your needs is to get your hands dirty and try them out yourself against a real life website that you will be securing. this might help: HTTPCS - How to choose the right Web Vulnerability Scanner ? [EN]

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    Re: Vulnerability Scanner

    Thanks for the response. But how about a high security software? Have you heard of powerbrokers? I am actually doing some research about it and I think it is more "sophisticated" and exclusive. It provides a privileged access control and I think it caters to websites that is on high security risk such as government or banking websites. Anyone with thoughts about it?

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    Re: Vulnerability Scanner

    Hello Willa,

    The best vulnerability scanner for your website can be searched by platform, what is the website platform you are using?

    Depending if it is wordpress or something different I can amend some solutions, do you have any issues as DDoS or any SQL security injections?

    If there is a problem please let me know so I could amend a proper solution.

    Many thanks,
    In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?

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