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    user named EVERYONE is taking over my computer

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop . It was purchased new in 06-2009 model L355-S7805 . Then pc came with 32bit Vista . I have used avast free and avg free and recently purchased ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and Malwarebytes Premium . I also tried spyhunter 4 . None of these products helped

    About a month or so ago a new user named EVERYONE started appearing inthe security tab of the properties box .EVERYONE takes total control of the file or folder it is in . I try to open a lot of the items and I get a message that I am denied access because I don't have the proper permissions . Some of them I can open the properties window and go to the security tab . When I try to remove EVERYONE I get a message that says this item can not be changer it is inheriting permissions from the parent .
    I also have a problem with .net framework . I have had eleven updates for it that I have been trying to install fer a couple of weeks . I tried to install Eraser and got a message that it could not install correctly because of missing dll files . I also got a pop up from windows saying that .net needs to be reinstalled . I tried microsofts .net repair tool But I don't know how to interpret the cbs file that it created .I checked the program files/.net folder it had three folders and one of them is empty .
    That brings up another problem . I have 0byte files and folders popping up all aver my pc . they all say size0 bytes size on disc 0 bytes . One of these folders that just suddenly appeared one day is C:/$RECYCLE.BIN; . I can not get rid of this file or move it .I got a pop up once that said $RECYCLE.BIN; could not be remover because it is a link to a different directory . it shows its size as 0 bytes and size on disc 0 bytes But when I scanned it with avg free it showed that it contained over 5000 files . If I open this it just shows the recycle bin and nothing else . I have had show hidden files turned on since a day or two after I got this PC . Evryone at microsoft forums keeps telling me nothings wrong windows just does stuff like this once in a while . Some one from the tweaking.com forums told me you people were the best at finging out what's going on .
    Thank you for any help you can give me

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    Re: user named EVERYONE is taking over my computer

    Hi, 827bill. Welcome to Sysnative.

    In order to assist you, I need to see some logs. Please follow the instructions here Malware Removal Posting Instructions and copy/paste the logs here as a reply.

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