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    Supposed Malware?

    Over the past couple of days I've been having random ads pop up on web browsers as well as pop up windows themselves at first I thought it might be adblock failing miserably so uninstalled and reinstalled but that didn't sort it out. So I investigated a bit further and came realised that a few add ons had been installed onto the web browser so I deleted them and thought that'd solve the problem. A day or so later they reappear again so I do a bit more digging to find out that programs are actually installed. Most of them I deleted (but they reappeared) but two of them that seemed to be the culprit refused to be removed. Showing the two below:

    Gyazo - 4db8dc97b394332a7f7ac7234eceb40e.png (Wouldn't let me turn it into an image for some reason)

    These are the two that refuse to go off my system which is currently windows 8.1 if I remember correctly. I asked Will about it and he told me to to run DDS but that didn't want to open and came up with an error saying 'Can't run in compatability mode' and then shut down. To be honest right now it isn't that bothersome but I'm guessing like anything else over time it will get worse and worse so thought I'd try and find a way to sort it out before it gets out of hand.

    If I'm missing any information just ask and I'll try and find the info and post.

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    Re: Supposed Malware?

    Please refer to the following and reply back accordingly - Malware Removal Posting Instructions

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    Re: Supposed Malware?

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Please refer to the following and reply back accordingly - Malware Removal Posting Instructions
    I couldn't do the DDS, it wouldn't run.

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    Re: Supposed Malware?

    Hi, Hao. Welcome to Sysnative!

    Since you have Windows 8.1, please do the following:

    1. Download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.

    Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.

    • Right click to run as administrator (XP users click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File). When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
    • Press Scan button.
    • It will produce a log called FRST.txt in the same directory the tool is run from.
    • Please copy and paste log back here.
    • The first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory as FRST.exe/FRST64.exe). Please also paste that along with the FRST.txt into your reply.

    2. Please download Adware Cleaner by Xplode. Please save it to your desktop!
    • Close all open programs and internet browsers.
    • Double-click AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.
      Note: Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.
    • Click the Scan button.
    • AdwCleaner will begin. Be patient as the scan may take some time to complete.
    • After the scan has finished, click the Report button. A logfile (AdwCleaner[R0].txt) will open in Notepad for review.
    • Copy and paste the contents of that logfile in your next reply.
    • A copy of all logfiles are saved in the C:\AdwCleaner folder which was created when running the tool.
    AceInfinity and DonnaB say thanks for this.

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