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    How to Setup DBAN

    (1) Go to dban.org and download DBAN 2.2.6

    It should be under download > old released > 2.2.6 i586

    (2) Save it to your Desktop [DO NOT change the name of the file and make sure it saves as an .iso file]...

    (3) Insert blank DVD or CD
    [At least 10 MB's bigger than DBAN 2.2.6's size]

    (4) Right click on DBAN 2.2.6 .iso and click "Mount" and select your DVD / CD > If you have the option to "Verify" enable it.

    (5) Turn off your PC after the Disc is written successfully

    (6) Boot your PC and go to BIOS > Select boot from DVD / CD Drive automatically and if you have the option for "Legacy Support" [

    (7) Save Changes and shut down

    (8) Boot your PC and press ESC or "boot device options"

    (9) Select your DVD / CD Drive

    (10) After DBAN loads follow the instructions [If you want DBAN to normally run type "autonuke" and press enter
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