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    C# Text Flip Example - LINQ

    private string TextFlip(string InputString)
    	char[] X = @"/˙'\‾zʎxʍʌnʇsɹbdouɯlʞɾıɥƃɟǝpɔqɐ".ToCharArray();
    	string V = @"?\.,/_!zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba";
    	return new string((from char obj in InputString.ToCharArray()
    			   select (V.IndexOf(obj) != -1) ? X[V.IndexOf(obj)] : obj).Reverse().ToArray());
    Here's an example of a simple text flipping function I created, which will take an input and attempt to turn the text upsidedown by converting to the upsidedown equivilant char of the input, and reversing it. Nice fun LINQ example :)

    Fun challenge: Let's see if anybody here can explain to me how my function works (from the programming perspective, and not just recite what i've posted as far as a hint into how the actual function turns this text upside down.)

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