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    C# 7.0 Switch Case (Pattern Matching)

    A really cool feature that I've been starting to use more frequently is pattern matching which also is cleanly implemented for switch statements in C#.

    switch (_commTransport)
        case TerminalDebugClient _:
            ((TerminalDebugClient)_commTransport).HostValidation += OnHostValidation;
        case SshDebugClient _:
            ((SshDebugClient)_commTransport).HostValidation += OnHostValidation;
    This allows me to check the type of object described by my interface and also assign it to an identifier if I wanted to process it directly, or just use _ to avoid that.

    I find this a bit more legible than the if ( is ...) variation when it comes to multiple statements, and definitely more so than the as operator and null check.
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    Re: C# 7.0 Switch Case (Pattern Matching)

    Ooh, that's quite cool - will have to try that out. Reminds me of using guards in Haskell.
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