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    Re: What is your SSID or Wireless Network Name?

    SSID=NSA Data Collection Node

    I always wondered how many people that find it know what NSA means.

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    Re: What is your SSID or Wireless Network Name?

    I used to have "FBI Surveillance Van", but since we got a new router, I left the default one which is like "VIDEOTRON257_2.4GHZ" and "VIDEOTRON257_5GHZ". As you can guess, I have a dual band router, and Videotron is my ISP. Since I have two SSIDs, maybe I can find some kind of funny gag to do with these (name-sided).

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    Re: What is your SSID or Wireless Network Name?

    Used to be SSID: Skynet Drone Control Unit 24759

    Had that one for years.

    Then shortly after the Snowden debacle, I decided to get Homeland some visibility.

    SSID: Homeland Security Data Collection No. 24759

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    Re: What is your SSID or Wireless Network Name?


    Come on, give me a hard one! I can fix anything ;-)

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    Re: What is your SSID or Wireless Network Name?


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    Lightbulb Re: What is your SSID or Wireless Network Name?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2xg View Post
    Service Set Identifier or SSID is often called as wireless network name. Do you have a funny or clever name for your wireless network? By default SSID’s default name is your Router’s name (e.g. Netgear, Dlink, Linksys) which often use in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). It is recommended to change the default SSID when you first setup your wireless network for security purpose and a bit of personalization. Does your SSID have a special meaning to you? Would you like to create a wireless network name to send a message to your neighbor?

    Some funny and clever SSIDs: TurnDownYourMusic, ImAnFBI, Care4Me, PeaceNeighbor, DoNotUseMyWifi, etc….

    Please share your own SSID. Some routers support multiple SSIDs, feel free to share them here. Other Posters may benefit from it if they need help on naming their wireless network.

    Before you post:
    We will appreciate if you do not post anything offensive, rude or inappropriate SSID name as your post will be edited or removed.
    Thank you.
    I prefer changing my WiFi Names frequently to troll my neighbours. I too has some collection of Funny WiFi Names like " Get you own damn internet " , " Ouch you sat on my nuts " , " 128 kbps wifi " and so on.. courtesy of this collection is: 250+ Funny WiFi Names that are Good & Best - WatchMeTech

    You SSID's are quite funny I would say, I personally like " ImAnFBI and PeaceNeighbor, I'll those from now on. Thanks.

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