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  • Hi zcomputerwiz,
    Contacted Go the Power a while back inquiring about Win Update class. He was somewhat under the weather at that point, but indicated the process of developing the class was underway. Haven't observed any of his posts recently. Currently in WCCCD (desktop support 4.0) and online studies, CompTIA A+, Network+, then Security+ & others. Plan to take A+ cert 2nd week of April. Do you have any update on the training/class for WU? Thanks for your valuable time and anticipated reply. Bill
    hey computerwizard,last time you suggest me to help again in other szenario.
    here i´m :-) u can help only in update errors or can u help me with bluescreen to?
    should i better post in bsod section?
    when i get the info from mod to make memory and hd test can say last month with ur help no errors found? ive recoverd my system and i think its battery related or powerconsumption error!
    sfc ok chkdsk also...
    please give me a advice and ignore my bad english
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