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  • Before the disk upgrade (5400RPM to 7200RPM in laptop), WinDBG took say x seconds, your app took almost 2x time. Now, it has reversed :lol: . Anyways, your explanation is also valid because I am judging WinDBG from start to the time, till I get the terminal to work on.
    Mike have you modified the source code a lot in the Apps? I am seeing huge improvement in the app after a hard disk upgrade. Before WinDBG is even able to open up a single dump, your app completes the analysis of multiple dumps ;)
    Thanks Mike for your hard work and coming up with the fixes so soon. Will report back in case I find more bugs :)
    Keep up the good work with the programming, I know time cuts things short sometimes. It's a knock to the teeth lots of times for me as well. :)
    You're welcome and thank you!

    It takes me a while to get used to GUI before I post. Thanks again! :dsmile:
    I'm carrying on...take that any way you like :D Just thought I'd say hello ;)
    I don't need anything by Friday. I am still trying to reply to your current message! You have done amazingly well to smooth out these teething problems so quickly. Take care of the big stuff, and look at the extension in your own time. I honestly do not mind at all when. Take care :)
    Yell if you need help with the win 8 RTM stuff. I have been running it for what seems like months.
    Yep had that happen on my first win 8 install. Now I keep a win 8 portable on USB just in case. Been a while since I had Ubuntu on but I am getting the itch.
    Things continue as usual at 7F. Greg is still helping as always. he is a passionate guy, wants the forum to be the best forum ever. My skill is fooling people into liking me, LOL! ;) Take care, I check in here almost every day.
    I'm ok. No worries, I don't get around much ;) Looks like you have a good thing going with your apps. Was surprised to see I have some access to those forums, I have no skills :)
    It's excellent! Faster than the previous apps and has a nice new interface too. I also like the fact that it tells me how long it takes each dump to run.
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