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  • will:

    here are my question(s):

    (1) why are updates taking so long to download? Have run your tool SFCfix.exe and no corruptions were found. My OS is Win 7 Ultimate and 64-bit.

    (2) I always run the DISM utility w/ scanhealth as the option. My DISM log shows error 0x0000036f relating to "Manifest Parsing Failed". However SFCfix.exe shows no corruption. Is there a tool from you that can correct the Manifest Parsing Failed error, esp attribute referencing @operationhint contained in *path:/#document/assembly/regestrykeys/registryvalue/@operatinghint? I will rerun DISM again w/ scanhealth since SFCfix.exe has found no corruption. Currently I am in a 3 hour wait cycle for updates....

    My OS version is 6.1.7601.1849 (Win 7 SP1 64b). DISM ver is 6.1.7600.16385.

    Many thx again ....

    alan brosz
    89 glen st
    brattleboro, vt 05301
    Something happened on OC. i have no idea what, because it was working when I made my edits to to my OC Bux threads, which I then went to another site and came back and now I am getting a error page.
    Would you be willing to try installing this server setup I found, only with nginx?
    Forgot to update you, but I applied a piece to fix that error.
    I couldn't get KeyCaptcha to work though. It would blank out the registration page. :/
    I am getting this when clicking advanced search

    Screenshot by Lightshot
    It turns out it was vBOptimise doing the blank pages after I activated it. (Was curious)
    Okay, the forum managed to start working. I am getting one or two small error warnings, nothing catastrophic. Was hoping you could help me look at them.
    Just wanted to let you know, I failed in my mission. But, now the entire forum is a blank white page. ;___;
    What's the difference between x64 and x32 bit servers? I am looking at new VPS servers.
    Hi Will, how are you and nice to see you here too? Small world! :)
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