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  • Hi there, how long are the usual waiting time for a post for support? Just curious, cause i posted a post yesterday, and am in a bit of hurry to get my PC fixed :)
    Hello Tom, I got a problem with "notepad.exe.mui" if you have skype, add me please : marin.petculescu
    Tom:Can you get me some help here please. I need to get a customized SFCFix.Zip file. I have run the SFCFix.exe and the out put is provided below
    Thanks, Tom. All is well here. Fortunately, the sun was shining here all day yesterday & today. It has been cold (the coldest temperatures recorded here in during November in the past 30 years). Coincidentally, I just posted about it in the Lounge before I noticed your message.
    Hello Tom! It's absolutely not a problem! I'm actually making good progress on the backlog (or at least I think I'm getting through it at a faster rate than it's being made, so it's not all bad, plus I've got the average time-before-answer down from ~8 days to ~4 days). Seriously, there's really no need to rush back here, it's all under control. Enjoy the uni work :p

    Also, when you do get more time, I would suggest focusing on keeping up on the hidden forums, then the newer threads. The old threads I've either dealt with already, or they're now too old.

    Thanks so much Tom! It actually went quite well. I'll give you a full reply to everything over the weekend, as I neglected my homework over the couple of days in the run up to the exam so now have quite a large backlog of both that and catching up on the lessons I missed.


    Just to make sure, don't forget to check the Windows 7 and 8 sub-forums, there are a few threads hanging there. Mostly SFC errors, not SURT.
    Welcome back Tom, how 'bout a nice backlog of threads to greet your return! ;) Sorry I haven't been able to help whilst you've been away... either too complex for me, or just no time!! :)
    Yeah, that would be absolutely fine. Thanks for putting it together. Also, try putting it through both SFCFix 1 and 2. I suspect the earlier problems are caused by a bug rather than PEBKAC, and I've fixed a very similar bug in v2, but don't know whether that's got it or not.

    I thought I wished you for your birthday at SF..But Happy Birthday and hope you have a good time! :)
    That would be absolutely fine Tom! Feel free to edit/tweak also. It isn't a great canned, but you are welcome to use whichever parts are useful to you, as you are with any of my (few!) canneds.
    Lets wait. I only got to look at it for a minutes. I will dedicate some time either tomorrow or Friday for it. I think i have a good idea of what i need to do but with one of them I just have to figure out how i need to accomplish what i need to do.
    Thanks, You dont even want to know how i got here.......... I was looking for answer to one of your test questions.......I didnt find what I'm looking for so.
    Same my friend :)

    Haven't seen you around the other place very much, but I guess I'll see you more around here :p
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