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  • Appreciate the welcome! I usually pop in here once a day or so (since I've joined). Just wish I had more (or at least something) to offer!
    Things seem to have finally settled down to "normal". Maybe it was just my perception but it sure did seem as though help participation/enthusiasm of many of the remaining members (the "regulars") took a hit. Mine sure did. Sure do miss all of y'all over there. It has certainly left a big hole.
    Wasn't me, likely John.

    Thank you for sticking around and supporting us.

    The promotion was well deserved!

    BTW, you have access to the sysnative arcade now :)
    I do not have a copy. I can see if I have a cached version somewhere. I am having some major internet issues in my area at the moment, so I do not have internet access at home. That makes things a little difficult for finding my resources I use for tutorials... If I am unable to get something to you via my home system today, I'll try to re-write the steps for you tomorrow morning. -Mike
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