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    axe0 - Forum Moderator

    Congratulations axe0!🆒
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    softwaremaniac - 18,000 Posts

    Congratulations Softwaremaniac! Well done! :-)
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    Hi everybody

    Sorry I am late but just the same Welcome to the Sysnative Forum.:-)
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    Being Away from the Community

    Hello Sysnative, I haven't seen a going away thread on here and I am sorry if I posted in the wrong Thread? I'm just thinking that I would like to let you all know that I'll be away from the Community Forum from the 12th-29th. I have a busy week ahead until then. But I am flying West to...
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    Hacking Tools Used by OP's

    Just would like to say I think it is pretty cool that Sysnative Administrators can pick out the hacking tools, uTorrents, when the OP is using illegal or bypassing Microsoft Software, when posting their questions. I've noticed this a few times in the last year that OP's were not helped because...
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    Happy Merry Christmas Everyone :)

    Hello Sysnative Forum, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :dance:
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    Hi Daniel! No way can I match that speed! Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
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    [SOLVED] Wondering why my Alienware 17R4 is not updating to v1809 automatically?

    Hello Sysnative Techs, I have tried to update manually by using Windows Assistant and I receive this error code (0xa0000400). So my other option is to run the Windows Media Tool and run the ISO. But I am worried that my Tobii Eye-tracking Software that handles my Windows Hello will break. Like...
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    Hello Softwaremaniac! Great news! I made another disk of 8.1 ISO. Then I started the disk in Windows 10 and 8.1 asked me for a keycode to activate and I entered that . I got an error of course because you cannot downgrade. But I was just seeing if this disk was bootable. I restarted my system...
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    I restarted but there were no repairs in drive D and I follow your instructions again and I get the same thing in the command prompt.UGH!
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    I have to restart the system and then run SFC again. brb
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    Sorry it still gives me repairing dis
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    I have set Command Prompt to chk dsk. When I did this the other day. It said it had errors and it took hours to chkdsk /F. So it'll be awhile before I get back to you again. I had to leave the other day and I never did see the completion of that Disk being checked/finished/ or fixed.
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    Hi Softwaremaniac I am not able to chkdsk /F to fix errors on the D Drive. Sorry..the picture is sideways for some reason.:r1:
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    [SOLVED] Dual Partitions Disk 0 will not boot

    Thank you here is the SrtTrail.txt.