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  • Hi Noel, sorry to disturb you, can you please reupload a file that you named i have the same problem as this one. the problem is that when i am trying to register a DLL file, named ISDone.dll , it always said that entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found, and when i run sfc/scannow, it said pretty much like that guy have.
    Satrow on SCAN 3XS Systems Forum suggested that I contact you for help. Full story and a copy of my MS Diagnostic log are on Repeated requests for activation Windows 7 - Microsoft Community

    During the last fortnight I had 2 requests to activate Windows 7. So far I have re-activated successfully, But, I only have 3 more chances. The request says that changes detected on my computer mean that reactivation is necessary BUT, I have made no hardware changes and only Microsoft and Avast Updates.

    Machine is a 3XS Z77 GTK3 - Custom. Scan installed Windows 7 Home Premium from new in August 2012. It is an OEM genuine copy. It was activated then and has worked with no complaints for the last 18 months.

    Thanks, John
    still no luck on figuing out my problem? dont mean to seem like i am rushing u, but just wondering, been a few days getting a little bored, coming here and talking to yall is the most fun i have had in years. so thank you so much for helping me :)
    Wonderful, thanks a lot for your help. The CBS.log interests me, though, we shall have to see. I'll show it to you later if you like.
    Is it my imagination or did you change to / return to an older (more familiar) avatar (at least in this forum) - or am I having a "senior moment"?

    BTW, isn't it amazing the difference in how much easier it is to use this forum than Answers? What is Answers built on that makes it so hard/long to make the simplest changes when they can be done here in minutes or hours if possible or rational and mgmt agrees (and even if not, responds with an explanation)? Do you think it's as technical as we're led to think (and now based on an underlying architecture that's almost impossible to work with) or do you think much is politics with either too many cooks (taking poor advice from the wrong people or making the wrong decisions regardless)? I mean, it really does seem to be getting worse and not better - the focus seems on the wrong things - it's a constant series of fire-drill problems while requested and needed changes have been waiting over a year now.
    I am making good progess and hope to show you a working sample over the next few days :)
    Live one day at a time is my motto.
    It seems to work as I bumble on...
    Yes life is good here with plenty of "escapes" to recharge the soul.
    An early "good morning" Noel.{6.30am}
    Have you solved the world's problems in your neck of the woods?
    J & K.
    I only just remember your PM in a moment of panic! :( I am so, so sorry. I will reply in full tomorrow, if that is OK. It completely went out of my mind in the heat of the last update to the tool. I am really sorry :(
    It is really strange how some who deserve dont get it, and some who dont deserve get it year after year. I avoid ADC at all costs. Jan off to bed so later for relevant pm.. I do really like what you do there btw.
    Will do, I just remember from previous convo that he isnt your favorite person either. He has been sniping of late on MSA.
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