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    The doctor finally saw my mate at 6:30am and wanted to keep him there until a maxillofacial specialist could come as it would reduce the chance of my mate coming out of this with a scar. We went home at this point and I eventually got into my sunlit room at 7 then promptly crawled into bed for a few hours before we went to pick him up. Eventful is an understatement but it's definitely not something that I'll be repeating any time soon.

    Thanks Richard! Really appreciate it :) I'll have a fiddle then hopefully get a revision posted in my canneds thread.

    Also, it looks like ZA didn't appreciate my BITS fix :p
    Sorry for the late reply, today has been crazy. Because it's my last week here at uni, we've been going out so much and my jobs list has gone out of the window. Last night was simply horrific, there's no other way to put it. To cut a long story short, a few guys were getting aggressive (pushing, shouting etc.) towards one of the girls in our group, my best mate stood in front of her and told him where to go and got a punch in the face in return. Some people... The guy completely bust his lip, it split about half way up to his nose and bled everywhere. So off we went to A&E at 2:30am. There was no one available to see him there and then so we sat in the waiting room trying to sober up as quickly as possible. The drinks finally caught up with me at that point and next thing I know, I'm out cold on the floor for a few hours until I woke up with a horrible feeling in my stomach so I crawled to the bin and emptied my guts into it. Never, never again.
    Have you got something going on in the background of the Windows Update forum? I'm subscribed to the forum and it keeps telling me there's unread posts, but when I click on it, there's nothing in there yet the image still stays. It's happened at least 5 times over the past few days.
    Seems only fair :p I'll still be able to pop in now and then, I just think it's best if I don't take on any threads until then (~20th January).

    At 1392 lines, it's quite a lot to sift through to find one file! :p myrti is my instructor.

    Glad to hear you're making progress, but it sounds like it's time for a coffee break though!
    Thanks for the support, Richard :) I really enjoy it! Before you introduced me to the world of the CheckSUR log, I just did a bit of everything really, with no real focus. It's much nicer having a fixed target and working towards it than just blundering along doing things here and there. I've promised myself not to take on any new threads until my January exams are over :p They finish on something like the 20th, then you should see a lot more of me around the place :) GU is going well thanks, I'm painfully close to the end of PL6 now. I've just been told that my fix is missing one malicious file and it's doing my head in trying to find it :p
    If I'm a "Windows Update Expert" then I don't know what that makes you :p
    Thanks for the title, Richard. Really appreciated :) Now to finish off this PM reply!

    P.S. I assume it was you!
    Thanks for the offer - I've seen some of those errors in 7F logs - and don't have a clue about how to go about solving them!
    That error set is pretty characteristic - usually either caused by IRST/ISMT drivers or stuck Catroot2 folder content. If one of those doesn't fix it, then a repair install is the only known fix, currently (even with what looks like clean SFC and CheckSUR scans)
    Hello Richard :)

    This was posted in GeekU a week or so ago and I told screen317 that I would pass on the message:

    At least he finally got back to you :p

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