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  • Thanks Ken! I've got 5 exams left, but it'll all be over soon. Happily accepted your request :)
    I'll drop you a link when it's done then, and I'll be sure to give you a mention in the thread :)
    Thanks Ken! That's perfect :) Just what I had in mind. I've got an exam tomorrow, but I should be able to write the extension over the weekend. Thanks again.
    Lol, no worries. There's no rush, so whenever is great. Good luck with the birthday party!
    Hi Ken, thanks for your kind offer to help! Really appreciate it. 128*128px would be perfect, and saved as a PNG so it retains the transparency. If it's not too much to ask, could you make the image so that it doesn't fill the whole canvas? Google recommends filling about 90% of the canvas so there's some empty space around the edge. Thanks again for your help!
    Hi Ken,

    I was wondering whether you could do me a huge favour. I'm in the middle of developing a Chrome extension for Sysnative and, having reached the end of the coding, I need a suitable icon. I thought that the favicon design would be a great icon for it, so do you have a high res copy of it? No worries if you don't, I can make one, but it would be best if it was identical to the one in use here.


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