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  • Kosh,
    Thanks for the BD wishes but don't need or want anything for myself.
    Would love to splurge on a cure for wife's MS but nothing coming down the pike so we will just press on.
    Have a great week-end.
    OK, NP I just thought it would be text under my Righteous Dude ;) I'll stick with that, lol. Thanks.
    Thanks for the kind words. I've been doing this for a number of years, but really didn't get rolling until I met up with jcgriff2 and then writhziden. Their apps allow me to see patterns that weren't visible before.

    - John
    It sounds dumb but the setting would have to be changed by hand by an admin with access like Janet.
    I don't *think* I changed the avatar here recently? I do try and keep to the same ones for all forums (but TSF seems to insist you use theirs, rather than your own), and I haven't changed the Answers one for a year or more - but I tend to use defaults for a while until I've got the feel of a forum.

    IKWYM about Answers - it's a bad case of MS not dogfooding. You can bet their internal forums use a totally different engine, again. They never really understood NNTP, and I don't think they understand forums, either - the latest round of changes was obviously driven by the need to force acceptance of Win8 as a serious platform, which it won't/can't be until everyone has a touch-screen computer. I can see that there will be more changes coming soon - and probably more significant ones - before the Win8 launch.
    I have no idea why it just hit me, but I suddenly realized I hadn't told you the story about the the rose avatar that I use everywhere. The first site I joined was in 2000 (Freedomlist) when it was just a message board. Soon thereafter, it was converted to a forum and we were able to add an avatar. I was looking for an appropriate flower but couldn't find one that I liked. A fellow Admin created the rose avatar for me and I have used it everywhere since. I always tell people that it was a gif from a friend. :)
    So you made your profile public! Good. I wish the new MVP site would at least recognize the HTML for returns. I don't like the way everything runs together. I've found that people tend to lose interest with long paragraphs. I ended up doing a major edit of my profile and placing information under "User Groups".

    The picture is a professional photo from January 2006 when I was first awarded. There was quite a stir in the Kodak Legal Dept. and my supervisor gave approval for the photo. :)
    Hello Kosh,

    Thank you for the add and welcome to Sysnative!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me :)
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