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  • lol, my bad! You're not going mad, don't worry :) I don't like posting my details openly online yet I wanted to put my birthday on my account at the various forums I'm a member of so I thought a suitable compromise would be to put a date that's a few days short. I meant to keep it consistent across the forums but it looks like I slipped up :p If only I could restrict personal information to friends! This date is only a few days shy of the real one so I really appreciate the birthday wishes :)
    I can understand the need to adapt to the new interface at different forums. I had a hard time at TSF when I first started since posts can only be edited/deleted up to fifteen minutes after posting. Let me know if you need any posts edited or deleted as you work there, and I'll be happy to help out. :-}
    Thanks for the friend request at TSF. It is good to see you branching out with all the great help you provide. :-}
    Thanks! How are things over at SF, do you still help out there?

    I hope you get time to contribute here and look around, it's really great here (although I would say that, I'm an admin!).
    School... not too bad to be honest. Currently working towards exams next year so lots to do. Quite a lot of homework at the moment. :) Lots of my free time is taken up here now, doing admin stuff etc.
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