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  • Post in Networking about the wifi fiist because the Windows Update issue may be caused by loss of connectivity.

    Create a new thread in --> Networking - Sysnative Forums
    I expect so, but you won't reply on skype. :p

    Most likely it'll be done tomorrow if you give me the info for it. Probably won't finish the work I have for tonight in time.
    Oh - I forgot about that problem. A password isn't set up - disable xcache for now, it should stop the auth box coming up. You can also Google a solution if you want - need to disable auth for xcache.
    Sorry - been busy today.

    What did you try last night/today? You can use a different control panel, but unless you're using cPanel they become a pain to set everything up.

    If you managed to successfully edit the vhost file and add the line with no success, I'll do a bit more research to see how to fix it. I'll be online again in a few hours.
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