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  • Hi Corrine,
    Hope you've had a good weekend.
    I'm just doing a little tidy up in my Dropbox and I'm not sure what to do about the MBAM image that I made for you. Are you directly linking the image to my Dropbox in your MBAM canned, or have you uploaded it elsewhere? If you are using it, that's no problem whatsoever - I have plenty of bandwidth and you're more than welcome to do so :) But if not, then I can archive that elsewhere. I really don't mind leaving it there for you if you're using it!
    Thank you! I can't provide much help on BSODs, but I wanted to join.
    Not since I unsubscribed to those I posted on.
    Haven't had a chance to see what happens when I reply or post again.
    Waiting for AT&T to call me back regarding their monthly blunders.
    Thanks, nice to be here. I'm not as skilled as all of you, but I am friendly :D
    Hello Corrine,
    Hope you're well.
    I was just wondering whether Sysnative has any plans for a security forum in the future? I would love to be part of it when I get to the end of my training - if I'm allowed, that is!
    Thanks for the welcome, Corinne - I know a fair amount about a small area of Win (xp-7) and a lot less about the rest :)
    I learn more every day (hopefully) when people ask relevent questions - so feel free, wherever!
    Thanks for the welcome Corrine! I look forward to, one day, being part of the security team :) The end of my training is within sight now.
    Well, thank you very much. Corrine. I'm impressed that you thought me worthy. Thanks again.
    Seems that almost everyone I know is here. I popped in due to an invitation from John. He wanted me to see the BSOD work that he was doing.
    Good to see you Corrine.
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