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  • omgosh Corrine - thank you so much. What I thought was something wrong with my computer, turned out to be just something with router interference, so it seems a little basic for these guys - lol. But, they aren't making me feel that way, and all of you have been just great and so patient. Thanks for your message, I have a big smile on my face. : )
    Status quo here. Busy working during the week, lazy on weekends :) I hope you are well, miss you at 7F :(
    never heard of Scot's Newsletter Forum but ill check it out for sure. thanks
    ill pass a link on to D and see what he says.
    your husband has my sympathy but use vicks and drink plenty of fluids. thats from my better half;-)
    now having said that, i never take any medicine, nothing, nota! drives my wife up a wall;-).
    never have and never will. i think thats why a cold never stays with me more than 2 or 3 days at the most.
    yup ill ask questions alright but at the moment im just getting used to w7. ive been to blackviper and turned off or switched to manual many services in his 'safe' column as ive done with both xp's here. turned off 'areo' because too much eye candy i dont need.
    i found out Power Defrag 3.0 works with w7 so defraged and wow it running very fast now. bootup time from cold boot is 47 seconds and shutdown is around 10 seconds;-). course thats not as fast as my main os linux....oops maybe should not have said that here;-).
    well much better today........i didnt go out hehehe.
    its raining so no work. checked everything over this morning and no flats or oil leaks anywhere;-D
    the cold is going full bore even though its not allowed;-)).
    ive been checking out this site and i really like it. especially windows 7 info;-D
    oh you are sooo right. had a front right flat tire first thing this morning (rim leak). did first lawn w/48" walkbehind and started to leak oil;-(. its at the dealership to be done by tuesday morning and 2 spots to redo on the lawn now. you know, sometimes your a bug and sometimes your a windshield;-(. now battleing a chest cold that poped up today. yup im the bug right now;-(
    hi Corrine,
    i finally made it back here. another day spending money and not making any;-(. hope all is going well with you;-)
    I just wanted to send you a personal thank you note for your post in the Interesting Links thread. :) I am still in a state of shock that anyone still vists :p Thanks again :)
    Thank you very much Corrine! Vacation was lovely, roll on next years! Best regards - Steve
    Just had to update MVP profile a bit and get it and link to Awardees and while looking (for proving MVP on some sites so they'd offer the badge or designation and to be considered for malware-removal training at TSF Academy which is UNTE and ASAP approved - though I just mentioned I might want to later and I guess Ried is tring to kill 2 birds with one stone), I finally saw your pic! You should use it - it's a nice shot - though I understand how the flower has become a common symbol of recognition (as Cap is for me). You'll not see mine there or anywhere (I have reasons) and the MVP site seems pretty picky about using one's actual picture based on how they define what to do and the lack of exceptions (but let me get away with my username instead of the real one though that comes back to haunt me from time-to-time) - so for me it's none (or I might try to get away with it and see what happens).
    We will see how it goes. I have been all over the place trying to find a solution without having to reformat.

    Thank you for the welcome.

    I did visit the links you posted on landzdown for the fix it for you options. Unfortunately they were things I came across before.
    No worries. It didn't matter until now, so it wasn't a problem! You're most welcome :) Let me know if you need any others updating.
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