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    Trying to acquire windows 8 or 8.1 installation disk with product key

    Hey guys and gals on the forum I just increase my ram output to 8 gbs and now I am ready to go higher and move up to windows 8 from windows vista . I am having a hard time finding windows 8 or 8.1 installation disc so I can do a clean install. I ran the windows 8 upgrade assistance and it showed...
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    [SOLVED] dvd/cd rom disappear like a magical act

    My Toshiba satellite laptop l555d windows 7 64 bit dvd/cd rom appears and disappears like a magical act on its own. There is no trace of it in the device manager or the disk management there is no upper or lower filters in the registry.I have search the web for answers but there is no...
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    [SOLVED] Laptop taking 5-7 minutes to boot

    Good morning forum I am need of your knowledge and computer skills today, because I have not discovered what is causing this laptop to take 5 to 7 minutes to boot up. I have worked on this issue for three days now and I have not found the answer not yet. What I've done so far is sfc /scannow...
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    [SOLVED] founded corrupt avast files with the surt tool

    founded corrupt files using the system readiness tool (sur) all are from avast here are the logs your guidance to correct this issue is well appreciated. Thank you
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    faulting application foxit.exe

    Good day forum I need your intelligence on this problem with installing foxit pdf reader event 1000 faulting module kernel 32.dll tryacquire srwlock exclusive . I have tried many fixes but to not avail. Sfc /scnnow is all good chkdsk is all good no malware or viruses I saw a couple of fixes...
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    [SOLVED] one corrupt file

    Hello forum I found one corrupt file from a sfc /scannow ,at your leisure please help me correct this lame file thanks for your time and attention.
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    [SOLVED] sfc /scannow found corrupt files

    sfc /scannow found corrupt files in vista 64 bit here is the log
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    event 11 cap12 errors

    Good morning forum I have an issue in my event application that has constant errors of event 11 capi2 my sfc /scannow is clean disk chkdsk is clean and I have tried a multitude of fixes to no avail, these errors message says failed extract of third party root list update cab at.This...
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    [SOLVED] windows resource protection could not start repair service

    Hey forum I am back with another computer glitch I just ran the sfc /scannow command and got back a message saying windows resource protection could not start repair service. This computer is my vista 64 bit here is the log and thanks for your kindly service.
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    process was terminated due to an unhandled exception

    Good morning forum I am running a vista 64 bit and I am having a problem with running program that crashes immediately saying a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. The event viewer shows these errors 1026 and 1000, 1026 .net runtime and 1000 kernel 32 faulting module I have...
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    [SOLVED] cab_ files are multiplying on my c drive directory

    Good morning forum I have tried my best to fix this problem myself for about a week and nothing I've tried has worked yet, so I am calling upon pro's at the forum for help and knowledge again. There seem to be a glitch with the update dates and windows module installer sending these files to...
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    [SOLVED] sfc / scannow now stops at 51% complete

    The sfc scan cannot completely perform the requested operation. I ran disk tests and also ran for drive errors and bad sectors but all the tests can back clean , I believe the problem is in the directory not being access properly. the $temp delete folder c/windws/winsxs thing i notice that when...
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    Syskey scammer distort computer with syskey password .

    A scammer reconfigure my friend computer with the syskey password requirement and now she cannot do anything without the syskey password. All the safe mode options require a password and also the repair start up cannot repair computer . What is the best why for me to fix this for my...
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    [SOLVED] [7SP1HomePre x64] WU kb2952664 will not install

    Good morning forum I have a update kb2952664 that will not install the other updates installed with no problem but this one is giving me a hard time. My sfc /scannow scans say no violations and the checksur logs say no errors but I found on the cbs log error store corrupt detected in...
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    [SOLVED] [7SP1HomePre x64] Cannot install itunes

    Greetings to all of the forum members and techs. I post this on the forum because I saw in 2013 you helped a member with this type of issue before and I know that you guys are highly skill in all computer problems . I am having a problem of installing itunes on my windows 7 64 bit pc. these...