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  • Happy New Year Shyam,
    I suspect you had good news re MVP re-election too.
    Look after your self. {and the pup of course.}
    {J & K}
    I appreciate that Shyam. :) It was as close as I could get by myself to the Modern UI look. I don't have wordpress installed on that domain, so that's a bit of work I might be doing over this weekend. Just need to pull myself up above that level of procrastination so I can start moving forward! haha.
    At the top, the wordpress icon in this website: AceInfinity Dev - Home. I created the theme for the site myself, the wordpress one was a free theme. I will be changing that eventually.
    I really enjoy your blog, btw. I don't think I have seen it before, but it is bookmarked in my browser now. You've posted a lot of good information. I have one started, but it's nothing as "fancy" as that. I am not a good web developer, but I can still make my way around it.
    Hello Shyam,
    Nice of you to pass by...Thank you!

    Seasons Greetings from both Ken & I.

    BTW. How is your pup?
    Hey Shyman
    Everything is good, just been spending all my time selling electronics on Amazon and Ebay.

    Thanks for asking hope all is good with you.
    John (Carrona) asked that we upload the 95_debug.txt as well, he is looking into an import script.
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