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  • Part 2
    Answer to your E-mailed Questions.
    Getting through the entire training and becoming a trusted helper will take months but you can go at your own pace. Is this something you are willing to commit to finishing?

    Yes, I’m not a quitter, never have been

    Have you ever taken any type of training or academy at another site where forums/posts were the main means of communication?

    No, however, I’m versed dealing with less computer savvy individuals & enjoy helping people resolve their computer issues.

    Do you have any experience walking users through a process or problem on their computers using written communications?
    Yes, over 1000 posts on SevenForums (Snick)

    Are you a member of any other forums?
    SevenForums (Snick)
    Part 1
    Answer to your E-mailed Questions.

    Do you plan on assisting us at Sysnative once the training has been complete?


    How much time can you dedicate to training a week?

    At least an hour or two per day!

    Fixing Windows Update issues can seem uninteresting to many people. What about it interests you?

    It’s not a well-covered subject on the net, forums etc. Most find it difficult, if not impossible to correct WU issues. Not enough experts to go around.

    How did you find Sysnative?

    Google years ago, learned a great deal reading threads on WU!!
    Hi again Brian,

    Would you please provide an updats as to my status on Win Update Training. Where I am on the list, or approximately how long to start.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Hi Brian,

    PMed you a few days ago but it must have lost its way. Just PMed softwaremaniac and response said to contact you. softwaremaniac informed me that you don’t provide Virus Removal training and recommended BleepingComputers or GeekU. I will PM them on their forums shortly.

    Here’s the PM to softwaremaniac.

    Roy, Torchwood, on SevenForums, suggest I contact Sysnative regarding your training programs. I’m currently an IT student, Desktop Support Specialist (WCCCD) and CareerAcademy, preparing to take my CompTIA A+ test this month; also studying for Network+ & Security+. I’m very much interested in Windows Update, BSOD, & Virus Removal training.

    Would you please provide me with pertinent information regarding the training programs referenced above?

    Thank you for your time & anticipated reply to this PM.

    Sir, could I please ask for your assistance? I tried installing Visual C++ 2005 Redist and MSXML SP2 for my computer, but it returned an Error 1935 for Visual C and an HRESULT 0x80070246 for MSXML? How do I fix this?
    Thanks! :)
    I am getting error We could not complete the updates error in Win 2012 R2 server.Could you help me to sort out this
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