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  • I am all for friends!

    Help out when you can, in the mean time enjoy your stay and make many new friends ☺
    Anything you can bring to the table we will gladly accept...

    The best part about a community environment is that you can learn from your peers!

    For what its worth, I probably know less about windows then you do. :)
    Hi Bill,

    Very nice to meet you, what corner of the internet are you from?I'm Geoff, like John(jcgriff2) I come mostly from TSF: Laxer

    If you have any questions rather it be about the forums or about me feel free to ask.

    Be sure to let me know if anything comes up,

    We all have different skills.... the combination of them all makes us unbeatable!

    Please join in - post whatever you want, wherever you deem appropriate.

    Yes, we have rules, but not like other forums. I am a big believer in the use of common sense!
    Hi Bill, thanks for the request, happily accepted. -:)
    Very nice to see great SF folks here at Sysnative.
    Don't worry, she'll get over it. Besides, looks as though a lot of people are doing it.
    Welcome! (Jan is so quick to see friends who have registered here, I wonder if I can convince her to change her wording to "Welcome from all of us.)
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