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    Monitor problem

    When I turn on the PC the monitor light indicates green but the screen remains blank. I have to disconnect the power cord and reconnect it in order to get the windows screen. I also have to do this when the screen goes idle. I think it may have something to do with an error message that I keep getting "esrv.exe application error 0xc0000142". From what I have read it has to do with intel update driver utility which I don't have install. Instead I uninstalled Intel Driver and Support Assistant and I am still getting the same error.

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    Re: Monitor problem

    Check because it is part of Vaio care, so it might be on your computer. (I've also seen it show up on other brands of computers).
    The location of the problematic esrv.exe file is C:\\Program Files\\Intel Driver Update Utility\\SUR\\x64

    I'm trying to find out more about this in your scheduled tasks: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tasks\IntelSURQC
    but so far it seems to be mentioned in threads at forums dealing with malware.
    I"m not qualified to determine if this is a good or bad file.

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    Re: Monitor problem

    The Intel Driver Update Utility folder was empty so I deleted it and the error message popped up again.

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    Re: Monitor problem

    Sorry it didn't work. The only solution I've found is to remove the Intel Driver Update utility and since you don't have it, I'm out of ideas.

    If you're brave, you could disable this task C:\WINDOWS\System32\Tasks\IntelSURQCIf it doesn't do anything about the error, then enable it again.

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    Re: Monitor problem

    How do I do that?

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    Re: Monitor problem

    msconfig then click on the startup tab. If nothing there, look in Task Scheduler. (Control Panel, Admin Tools, Scheduled Tasks)
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    • specs System Specs
      • Manufacturer:
        Custom build
      • Motherboard:
        Gigabyte B150-HD3P-CF
      • CPU:
        Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      • Memory:
        16GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS8G4D240F
      • Graphics:
        Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
      • Sound Card:
        (1) Intel(R) Display Audio (2) Realtek HD Audio
      • Hard Drives:
        Crucial MX200 500GB & 2x Toshiba DT01ACA300
      • Power Supply:
        Corsair RM550x
      • Case:
        Fractal Design Define S
      • Cooling:
        Cooler Master TX3 i
      • Display:
        24" Liyama ProLite XB2483HSU-B2 & 24" Dell Ultrasharp U2414H
      • Operating System:
        Windows 10 Pro

    Re: Monitor problem

    Could you run this command in command prompt and upload it as a zip file (right click > send to > compressed (zipped) folder)
    msinfo32 /nfo "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\msinfo32.nfo"

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    Re: Monitor problem

    I was able to disable IntelSURQC in Task Scheduler for which there were 2 entries. msinfo32.rar

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