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    [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    Hello, i have a strange problem in FPS game where my crosshair is not moving well in a straight line horizontal/vertical. It goes slightly wide or slalom. Here is a video i recorded to show this issue: YouTube

    What's interesting, in windows/browser or in paint if i draw some lines and try to follow them it seems ok. But if i launch the game and play it's so strange. I have win 8.1, my settings in windows are like people recommend so mouse speed is middle 6/12, acceleration is unticked. I play with 800 DPI and lower sens in game because 800 DPI is what i want outside the game when i use my PC. My mouse is A4tech X-748K but don't know which one because there are different versions. I found an image which is the same as my mouse at the bottom:

    [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game-rrr-jpg

    Also, i tried contacting the game support and they replied this:

    "This seems to be something depending on your mouse, your mouse acceleration and/or compensation and your DPI settings as well as how skilled you are in moving the mouse. This depends a lot of the sensor quality of the mouse. I can just say, that the sensitivity and many other options can cause that. Maybe microsoft uses some sort of "compensation" so you're not recognizing when not ingame. Unfortunately I'm not able to check your setup/installation from here."

    So.. i have no idea what's the reason for this. Maybe you guys will have some ideas, maybe there is something i can do. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    Maybe microsoft uses some sort of "compensation"
    Huh? Maybe? I don't get that reply. It is not a Microsoft game. It is not a Microsoft mouse. They are the game developers. They should know if Microsoft used some sort of "compensation" or not. And if MS did, it would affect players of that game.

    I am not certain I see the problem in your video - in part because I cannot see your hand to see if you are indeed moving your hand in a perfectly straight line. You might have a slight shake or tremble in your hands you are not aware of, for example.

    Is it only on that game? If so, don't blame the hardware.

    Try putting a straight board or guide of some sort you can move your mouse up and down against. You might try a different mouse too.
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    Re: [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    Read this thread about an X-748K mouse and where the drivers are located.
    Perhaps that is the problem
    [SOLVED] A4 X-748K Problem - Tech Support Forum

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    Re: [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    That microsoft part was probably about me saying that i have no problem in windows outside the game. The problem is most visible in this game, in gta5 is a little less but still and in max payne or zula i don't have this problem at all.

    Yeah i find out the drivers location yesterday and tried reinstalling but no difference. Can you guys say if my mouse has avago or v-track pixart sensor? I'm not a spec but i read about that. People say there were different versions even tho they were in the same boxes with same names. And they say v-track is bad and pixart can cause that kind of problems. But i needed a budget mouse so i bought this one.

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    Re: [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    Since that thread was from January 2012, you've had the problem for 6 1/2 years?

    I found this from 2013
    Avago entered a cross licensing deal with Pixart and exited the sensor market.

    Now all old Avago models are manufactured by Pixart.

    Pixart Performance = Avago performance = Agilent performance (Same model number)
    Sometimes saving money on a budget item really isn't saving. Truthfully, I didn't know anything about sensors until I started looking this morning. Most of our mice are either Logitech or Microsoft and we aren't gamers so if there is an issue, we would never notice.

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    Re: [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    I didn't know either. I asked my friend if i can test his mice + i should have one too but it's a cheap and old thing but still maybe it's worth to test it and see if there is same problem on all of them or only mine.

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    Re: [Mouse] Problem with precision/crosshair in game

    Yes, it is always good to have spare hardware for testing.

    I bought a lighted keyboard from monoprice because my husband and I are in our 70's and black keyboards don't work well for us. I have lots of spare keyboards but his computer uses a USB keyboard and my spares are PS/2.

    I attached it to his computer and discovered that I couldn't get into the BIOS.

    I had a bright yellow keyboard with large black letters I bought as a spare USB keyboard. I attached that to my husband's computer and was able to get into the BIOS. Since I rarely enter the BIOS, it took awhile to discover that glitch on the more expensive lighted keyboard.

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