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    Inside Nvidia's GK110 monster GPU

    At the tail end of the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose this week, graphics chip juggernaut and compute wannabe Nvidia divulged the salient characteristics of the high-end "Kepler2" GK110 GPU chips that are going to be the foundation of the two largest supercomputers in the world and that are no doubt going to make their way into plenty of workstations and clusters in the next several years.

    If you just want awesome graphics, then the dual-chip GTX 690 graphics card, which is based on the smaller "Kepler1" GK104 GPU chip, which Nvidia previewed back in March, is what you want. And if you want to do single-precision floating point math like mad, then the Tesla K10 coprocessor, also sporting two GK104 chips, is what you need to do your image processing, signal processing, seismic processing, or chemical modeling inside of server clusters.


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    Re: Inside Nvidia's GK110 monster GPU

    and emits 300 watts of heat as it runs at peak.
    lol - it toasts bread, too!

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    Re: Inside Nvidia's GK110 monster GPU

    Quote Originally Posted by Temmu View Post
    and emits 300 watts of heat as it runs at peak.
    lol - it toasts bread, too!

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