From End of services for old versions (previous milestones):

Since we've been on the current milestone 27 for almost a year now, and we can't keep supporting all versions forever, we'll be ending services for old versions soon.

This means in practice:

  • The internal updater will no longer offer notifications or automatic updates to the browser if you are still on 26.* or below. Please make sure to upgrade as soon as possible.
    After this ends, the way to upgrade will be using the installer of the latest version of Pale Moon.
  • End of special-casing for Windows XP users. We'll be cleaning up the update process and website to remove special information pages etc.
  • The (ancient) Android version of Pale Moon will be removed (unpublished) from the Play Store. The only way to still get this unsupported version of the browser will be by side-loading the APK from the archives, if you need it. Please note that continuing to use this very old version of the browser bears a considerable security risk.
  • We will no longer provide blocklist updates for previous milestones.