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    I need help for my password to be safe/ secure, but im having a hardtime remembering 3 to 4 paswords in all my accounts. Is there a way that you can suggest to remember them all. Is there a program that can help me. Thanks in advance.

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    Corrine says thanks for this.

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    Hello Willa Alvin,

    the best way to remember a password is to close your eyes and see it.
    NO joke.
    Try using a acronym. If you take a picture/drawing/photo with a special explanation that YOU give to that, take the first or the capital letters. (USA = United States of America) Ad or replace with numbers S = 5. Ad your Service and year or week. Sysnative in december for example.
    You get U5As201654.
    For example ....
    Could also be a poem or lullaby :-)

    So close your eyes 8-))

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