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    I need help for my password to be safe/ secure, but im having a hardtime remembering 3 to 4 paswords in all my accounts. Is there a way that you can suggest to remember them all. Is there a program that can help me. Thanks in advance.

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    Corrine says thanks for this.

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    Hi. I personally use lastpass for all my passwords. All you have to do is register, download it and pin it. Then you can store all your passwords for all websites that require log in details especially emails and social media accts. In our company we use, Beyond Trust's Password Management Software. It offers more advanced solution but of course you gotta pay for the service.

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    Hello Willa Alvin,

    the best way to remember a password is to close your eyes and see it.
    NO joke.
    Try using a acronym. If you take a picture/drawing/photo with a special explanation that YOU give to that, take the first or the capital letters. (USA = United States of America) Ad or replace with numbers S = 5. Ad your Service and year or week. Sysnative in december for example.
    You get U5As201654.
    For example ....
    Could also be a poem or lullaby :-)

    So close your eyes 8-))

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