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    Far Cry 3 Tech Allows for Subtle and Powerful Story

    Far Cry 3 spins a story that mixes violence and madness and the man controlling the game universe believes that, as video game technology progresses, it will be easier for writers to create narratives that are both subtle and powerful.

    Jeffrey Yohalem, who is the lead writer working on the story of Far Cry 3, has told GameFront that, “Because it’s full body motion capture, I can write lines of dialog that mean one thing but say another, and that’s a new thing for video games.”

    The developer added, “In the past facial expressions weren’t clear enough, and as a writer you got told constantly — you’d write a line for a character like, ‘Give me that jar,’ but what the character really means is ‘I’ve had a terrible day, so just give me that jar so I can have one thing go right.’

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    Re: Far Cry 3 Tech Allows for Subtle and Powerful Story

    Yes this shoud be awesome. Interresting if this was used in Far Cry 3 or not. Since for me even old games were not so obviously having "give me that jar" thing.

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