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    Skyrim Update 1.6 Final Now Available for Download on PC via Steam

    After being offered only as a beta, update 1.6 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available for download via Steam for all of the game’s owners.

    Bethesda has confirmed patch 1.6 for Skyrim earlier this month and immediately made available a beta version of the update on the PC platform.

    Last week, the patch went live on the Xbox 360 and has now left the beta stage on the PC.

    As such, all Skyrim owners on Steam can enjoy this fresh update for the massive role-playing game, which brings not just plenty of bug fixes to an array of issues, but also introduces a whole new feature, in the form of Mounted Combat.

    Check out the full list of changes included in Skyrim update 1.6 below.

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    Re: Skyrim Update 1.6 Final Now Available for Download on PC via Steam

    Its about time. One less thing to cause BSOD'S

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    Re: Skyrim Update 1.6 Final Now Available for Download on PC via Steam

    I am so sad... I don't have the time to play Skyrim... I got it shortly after release and logged alost 500 hours until mid-January when life gave me a kick in the rear... Haven't touched it since.

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