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Also... I had issues setting up a local symbols cache the last few times, so I used the MS symbol cache...

There is nothing to set up; no need to download symbol packages.

The MSDL SYM site will populate the local cache; hence the reason I use a:\symbols in the MSDL SYM path in Windbg -
BSOS scripts use - $_symbols PARMS file -
When running the BSOD scripts (uses local SYM cache), if I see missing symbols for Microsoft OS drivers, I simply kill the script execution, then 2x-click on a few of the dumps, which then runs Windbg and populates the local SYM cache with the missing symbols. Then re-run the BSOD scripts.

That is required MAX 1x/month - after Windows Updates blows through and only if Microsoft OS drivers are updated.

To set up Windbg as the default for *.?dmp files -

Bring up an elevated Admin CMD/DOS prompt; type:
cd /d C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x64)

windbg.exe -IA
Change path accordingly

Then you should see something like:
WinDbg successfully registered file assocations
 for .DMP, .HDMP, .MDMP, .KDMP and .WEW.

The above is how I do things; others... differently!