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    Exclamation Notice Concerning Articles

    All articles I post are designed to help alleviate the process of kernel debugging for those wishing to indulge in forensic PC troubleshooting. I am by all means still a novice so please take all information provided with a grain of salt. Please refer to any linked articles I mention, as usually they come from individuals and groups with more professional backgrounds, so the information provided is more reliable.

    If you are skilled in debugging and have found discrepancies in any of my material, please notify me in any way and I will correct them at the earliest convenience. Thank you very much for any assistance you may provide.

    I also endeavor to answer any questions people may have concerning any material mentioned in the articles, to the best of my ability. If you need any clarification on anything described in an article, please post requesting such in the appropriate article.

    I will also take requests to clarify on anything not described in any of the articles. If you are debugging and having trouble figuring out Windbg or just troubleshooting with a debugger in general, please post to BSOD Methods & Tips with your inquiry.

    Thank you for everything. The staff endeavors to make your PC troubleshooting efforts more comfortable and expedient with this information. Any discussions on them would be very beneficial.
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    zigzag3143, JMH and LilBambi say thanks for this.

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