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    [10ProV1703b15063 x64] BSOD - Critical Process Died

    Hey, I am experiencing BSOD and have no clue to why.
    So I was playing a game I downloaded from tpb (a cracked game), I would say about 2 hours in, I closed the game and when I tried reopening it - it didn't work, I tried opening steam and it didn't open, tried opening discord and it crashed straight away, and strangely, PowerPoint opened, so I thought I'd just restart my PC and it would work fine again, but no - I got Windows trying to repair my drive and then when it finished I got a BSOD, without being able to access my PC. now, I did open and close the game a handful of times before the issue happened, so I don't think I could've gotten a virus, but I'm unsure. Also, I think, but I'm unsure, that PowerPoint is located in my C drive, could my D drive have gotten corrupted?
    Now, I can only access the advanced options and the UFEI, Windows still won't boot in safe mode, I've tried chkdsk D: /f /r /x and chkdsk C: /r with no sucsess, sfc /scannow says something like windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation.
    I really don't know what I can do, I am willing to do anything short of formatting... Thanks a bunch

    P.S. If it helps I remember the torrent file I downloaded if it helps in any way (in case it is a virus?), doubt it would tho

    Notes (could be unrelated):
    * Yesterday, I messed with my ram stick, I wanted to check something on it so I took it out and it took me a couple of tries to get it back in the right spot, I hope I didn't damage it?
    * My Internet is down, my router got messed up for some reason and a technician will only come to fix it in 4 days..

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    • specs System Specs
      • Manufacturer:
      • Model Number:
        HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j130us Notebook - E8A04UA
      • Motherboard:
        HP Insyde 720265-501 6050A2549501-MB-A02
      • CPU:
        Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz.
      • Memory:
        12GB DDR3L SDRAM (2 DIMM)
      • Graphics:
        Intel HD graphics 4600 with up to 1792MB total graphics memory
      • Sound Card:
        Beats Audio quad speakers and two subwoofers
      • Hard Drives:
        1TB 5400RPM hard drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
      • Disk Drives:
        Hitachi 500 GB SSD; 7 TB USB External
      • Power Supply:
      • Case:
      • Display:
        17.3-inch diagonal HD+ BrightView LED-backlit touchscreen display (1600 x 900)
      • Operating System:
        Windows 8.1

    Re: [W10ProV1703b15063 x64] BSOD - Critical Process Died

    Cracked software is notorious for containing and spreading viruses.

    Being unable to boot means we can't get the dump files, but you did leave me a clue in the thread title - "critical process dies". Where did you see this error?

    That error would be a bugcheck 0cf4 - critical object termination.

    9 times out of 10, it results because of a problem with the hard drive &/or malware. Both could be the problem in this case.

    Run HDD diagnostics - Run Sea Tools for DOS - Hard Drive (HDD) Diagnostics + SSD Test

    Hard Drive (HDD) Diagnostics + SSD Test

    Windows does not load in this DOS version, so not being able to boot is not a problem at all.

    If you do get Windows to boot, run MBAM to check for malware - Malwarebytes | Free Cyber Security & Anti-Malware Software

    Regards. . .


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    Re: [W10ProV1703b15063 x64] BSOD - Critical Process Died

    Do I download the program onto a USB and then connect it to the PC?

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    Re: [W10ProV1703b15063 x64] BSOD - Critical Process Died

    Scratch that entirely, got the disk working, but:
    1) SeaTools telling me I should back up my files, but I can't really back up my files when Windows can't boot.. Is there any risk?
    2) No hard drives found? Do I need to change something in the system settings? My main Drive is an SSD and my secondery Drive is an HDD

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    Re: [W10ProV1703b15063 x64] BSOD - Critical Process Died

    Also, can't change my SATA mode from AHCI to IDE from what I checked.. I have an Asus H110M-K

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    Re: [W10ProV1703b15063 x64] BSOD - Critical Process Died

    Hey, so it's been a while, I sent my PC over to a technician and turns out there was a problem with my SSD, so I got it switched. Just wanted to say it's better to say that you don't know know the solution instead of "leaving me hanging" and not responding to my posts. Thanks anyways..

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