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    [Win10V1607Build14393 x64] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe

    Hello guy can somebody please help i have new computer and i am getting this error . Can somebody please help me .I had uploaded the dump files online.
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    • specs System Specs
      • Manufacturer:
      • Model Number:
      • Motherboard:
        ASROCK FM2A88M Pro3+ chipset A88X Bolton-D4
      • CPU:
        A10-7800, 4 CPU, 4 thr, 65/45W, FM2+, 28nm, Steamroller/Kaveri
      • Memory:
        10GB (Nanya and kingston ddr3-1333 9-9-9-24)
      • Graphics:
        Radeon R7 720MHz (8 GPU cores, integrated in CPU)
      • Sound Card:
        RealTek ALC662 (integrated in MB)
      • Hard Drives:
        Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 500GB 7200RPM
      • Power Supply:
        SuperFlower 450W 80+ Platinum (SF-450P14PE)
      • Case:
        Sharkoon VG4-S
      • Cooling:
        Realtek RTL8111GR (NIC integrated in MB)
      • Display:
        Samsung SyncMaster SA100 LS22A100NS-EN
      • Operating System:
        Windows 10 Home/Standard x64

    Re: [Win10V1607Build14393 x64] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe

    Hi Juniluis.

    I examined a bit your dumps and logs, but I didn't find anything suspicious (apart they "say" there's a hardware problem).
    Given that the PC is new, I'd contact the assistance for it.

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    Re: [Win10V1607Build14393 x64] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe

    I suggest you start in safe mode and manually update all drivers. Use driver booster to figure out which are out of date.

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    Re: [Win10V1607Build14393 x64] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe

    Quote Originally Posted by louhoang View Post
    I suggest you start in safe mode and manually update all drivers. Use driver booster to figure out which are out of date.
    I realise that this is an aged thread, however, I would not advise using any third-party programs to check the timestamps for drivers. Please refer to the utilities provided by manufacturer of that particular device.
    writhziden says thanks for this.
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    • specs System Specs
      • Manufacturer:
      • Model Number:
        HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j130us Notebook - E8A04UA
      • Motherboard:
        HP Insyde 720265-501 6050A2549501-MB-A02
      • CPU:
        Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz.
      • Memory:
        12GB DDR3L SDRAM (2 DIMM)
      • Graphics:
        Intel HD graphics 4600 with up to 1792MB total graphics memory
      • Sound Card:
        Beats Audio quad speakers and two subwoofers
      • Hard Drives:
        1TB 5400RPM hard drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
      • Disk Drives:
        Hitachi 500 GB SSD; 7 TB USB External
      • Power Supply:
      • Case:
      • Display:
        17.3-inch diagonal HD+ BrightView LED-backlit touchscreen display (1600 x 900)
      • Operating System:
        Windows 8.1

    Re: [Win10V1607Build14393 x64] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe

    Agree - no 3rd party driver update apps - they are all garbage.

    Given that the system is new, I would take it back immediately and get a new one.

    Regards. . .

    writhziden and MichaelB say thanks for this.

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    Re: [Win10V1607Build14393 x64] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe

    Not the freshest Thread ever, but was pretty busy.

    However thats what we or me found out happening with the HP Machin and i would like to share that info.

    different BSODs are typicaly an indicator something is going wrong with RAM, Win10 additionally has the compressed Mem Feature
    sometimes popping in.

    that dump, the newest pointed out whats the problem.
    0: kd> !sysinfo machineid
    Machine ID Information [From Smbios 3.0, DMIVersion 0, Size=2804]
    BiosMajorRelease = 2
    BiosMinorRelease = 2
    FirmwareMajorRelease = 6
    FirmwareMinorRelease = 21
    BiosVendor = HP
    BiosVersion = P23 Ver. 02.02 // newer Bios online and solved on other machines the Bug
    BiosReleaseDate = 01/16/2017
    SystemManufacturer = HP
    SystemProductName = HP ProDesk 400 G3 DM
    SystemFamily = 103C_53307F HP ProDesk
    SystemVersion =  
    SystemSKU = 1GF98UT#ABA
    BaseBoardManufacturer = HP
    BaseBoardProduct = 82A5
    BaseBoardVersion = KBC Version 06.15
    0: kd> !sysinfo cpuinfo
    [CPU Information]
    ~MHz = REG_DWORD 2712
    Component Information = REG_BINARY 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
    Configuration Data = REG_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
    Identifier = REG_SZ Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9
    ProcessorNameString = REG_SZ Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500T CPU @ 2.70GHz
    Update Status = REG_DWORD 2
    VendorIdentifier = REG_SZ GenuineIntel
    MSR8B = REG_QWORD 4800000000
    0: kd> !errrec ffffa5099fc02038
    Common Platform Error Record @ ffffa5099fc02038
    Record Id     : 01d2cf5b6d4bc84e
    Severity      : Fatal (1)
    Length        : 672
    Creator       : Microsoft
    Notify Type   : PCI Express Error
    Timestamp     : 5/17/2017 22:25:06 (UTC)
    Flags         : 0x00000000
    Section 0     : PCI Express
    Descriptor    @ ffffa5099fc020b8
    Section       @ ffffa5099fc02148
    Offset        : 272
    Length        : 208
    Flags         : 0x00000001 Primary
    Severity      : Recoverable
    Port Type     : Endpoint
    Version       : 1.1
    Command/Status: 0x4010/0x0100
    Device Id     :
      VenId:DevId : 8086:08b1
      Class code  : 018000
      Function No : 0x00
      Device No   : 0x00
      Segment     : 0x0000
      Primary Bus : 0x02
      Second. Bus : 0x00
      Slot        : 0x0000
    Dev. Serial # : a4c494ffffe94e09
    Express Capability Information @ ffffa5099fc0217c
      Device Caps : 10008ec0 Role-Based Error Reporting: 1
      Device Ctl  : 0417 ur FE NF CE
      Dev Status  : 001b UR fe NF CE
       Root Ctl   : 0000 fs nfs cs
    AER Information @ ffffa5099fc021b8 // the following goes far behind my knowledge but....
      Uncorrectable Error Status    : 00100000 UR ecrc mtlp rof uc ca cto fcp ptlp sd dlp und
      Uncorrectable Error Mask      : 00000000 ur ecrc mtlp rof uc ca cto fcp ptlp sd dlp und
      Uncorrectable Error Severity  : 00462031 ur ecrc MTLP ROF uc ca cto FCP ptlp SD DLP UND
      Correctable Error Status      : 00002000 ADV rtto rnro dllp tlp re
      Correctable Error Mask        : 00000000 adv rtto rnro dllp tlp re
      Caps & Control                : 00000014 ecrcchken ecrcchkcap ecrcgenen ecrcgencap FEP
      Header Log                    : 00000001 0000000f e0000024 00000000
      Root Error Command            : 00000000 fen nfen cen
      Root Error Status             : 00000000 MSG# 00 fer nfer fuf mur ur mcr cer
      Correctable Error Source ID   : 00,00,00
      Correctable Error Source ID   : 00,00,00
    Section 1     : Processor Generic
    Descriptor    @ ffffa5099fc02100
    Section       @ ffffa5099fc02218
    Offset        : 480
    Length        : 192
    Flags         : 0x00000000
    Severity      : Informational
    Proc. Type    : x86/x64
    Instr. Set    : x64
    CPU Version   : 0x00000000000906e9
    Processor ID  : 0x0000000000000000
    Win10 has PCI express steering, the intel power management framework is responsible for this
    and lets you reduce the TPD from 45W to 35W consumption.

    While it does not work well and an CPU 7. Generation is rarely going to idle with 800MHz but should,
    the AER is generated if you are lucky (WHEA) where i did not find adequate Info for, only older CPUs.

    on 6.th generation CPUs with chipset [letter]1xxx you could stop that management with
    bcdedit /set pciexpress disabled
    and spurios symptoms had gone, however it does no longer work as expected
    on 7.th Generation CPUs.
    At least WLAN is dropped completely and a warning is launched about some Intel stuff if doing this on several machines and almost no powerregulation (CPU is going high up for all kernels.)

    the wonderful world of Win10 and Intels drivers^^

    hope it helps a bit for those spurios BSODs with different codes specialy on [Letter]2xxx chipsets

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